Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Music and Old Friends

My Ipod is full of old tunes that have travelled with me through the years and over the miles. They elicit all sorts of memories, each one evokes a place, an event, or a person that has left a mark on some part of my life. The memories run a full circle of emotion, all are welcome; even the more difficult ones.
Along the same vein, the Internet and it's ability to connect me to places like Facebook and Classmates, has provided an opportunity to renew and maintain relationships with friends and acquaintances from days gone by. As with my music, hearing from folks from the past brings back such a flood of memory. It is such a treat to compare notes on our families, our travels and our life's' adventures. We shared so much together. We are who we are today, in part, because of each other .
Although we are scattered all over the country, indeed, the world, we can touch base, share photos, instant messages, and chats whenever we choose. The memories of the past abound and bind us; but our days are spent in the here and now, as we continue to cultivate our friendships ....tappin' the keys on the laptop, and tappin' my foot to the old tunes on my Ipod.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mother's Day

The annual commercialized frenzy to acknowledge Mother is in full swing.... cards are flying off the rack at Walmart, baskets of flowers are offered outside all the stores, and there are all kinds of TV and radio ads encouraging us to buy, buy, buy...
I have no need to receive the Hallmark cards, diamond earrings, boxes of candy, or a vase of flowers . Oh, they are nice, but not necessary. I don't need recognition one day in May every year. Every day is Mother's Day. Each day brings a gift from my family if I look for it.
I am Mom. I have answered to that name for over forty years from over twenty children. That, alone, has been such a privilege.... most of the time, anyway. There have been joys and sorrows, good times and bad, lots of laughter, some tears. The learning curve has been steep. I have made mistakes, felt angry or frustrated or scared. I have occasionally wanted to hand in my resignation.
My family has a front row seat to the worst of me.... the "mean mom", curfews and chores,yelling and grounding, saying "NO" more than I needed to. I threw Thanksgiving Dinner in the garbage one year in a fit of anger over something stupid. I still feel bad about that. They have loved me in spite of me. They still love me! That is the only Mother's Day present I will ever need.
My children and their children...scattered all over the country... . are my diamonds. Watching them live happy, successful lives are the flowers in my life. The memories are the "sweets" that are as satisfying as chocolate!
I am Mom, and it's been a heck of a ride! On Mother's Day I think I will thank each of my kids for the privilege and honor that being their mother has been. I will thank them for all they have taught me and for all the memories they have given me. They have made me the the person I am today and I love them beyond measure.