Saturday, November 28, 2015

Heaven's Top Hand


> Heaven has a new top hand
> Riding for his Savior's brand
> His cowboy days on Earth were through
> And heaven welcomed a good buckaroo

> Family met him to celebrate 
> When he came through the pearly gates 
> His buckskin stood at a hitching post 
> And mounted near by was the Lord of Hosts 

> He said, Mount up, Son, and follow me 
> I have so much for you to see
> When a cowboy's work on earth is over
> He rides with me through fields of clover

> The grass is green, the fences tight 
> The angels sing in the campfire light 
> I built you this ranch for Eternity 
> The day you gave your heart to me

> Don't mourn or weep for this cowhand
> He's riding and rejoicing in the Promised Land
> He earned his rest from earthly trials 
> Now he rides with Jesus across Heaven's miles