Saturday, October 24, 2009

Summer's Over

The cooler, wetter weather has settled soon, so soon. The summer flew past me this year and I miss it, already. We are getting the place ready for whatever snow falls this year. (Please, God, not another one like the last two!!) One last trip for the bulls next week, as Jim and I head for the PBR Finals in Las Vegas. Then we just hunker down until Spring.
Now, I have time to read, write, create some crafty doodads and gifts, and get some indoor projects finished. When the sun is warm and bright, and long in the summer sky, I have a hard time being inside the the chores have piled up.
Fall changes are everywhere, the trees are beautiful in such bright colors. The moose are around more, even had a big bull running around in the horse pasture a week ago. The elk herds are here in the hills, they know that snow is coming and have left the summer graze in the higher elevations. Wild turkeys that we watched grow from little poults are all full sized and noisy. There were about thirty in the middle of the road as I pulled out of the driveway yesterday.
Every season has it's own beauty. There is a rhythm and a routine that I look forward to as the changes unfold.
The sun is shining as I write, and even though it is cold, it is drawing me out. Horses and cows to feed, water tanks to top off, and I have the gift of another day to experience the beauty that surrounds us here on the ol' Brand X.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Change in Seasons

Cooler weather has arrived. The days are shorter, the air is brisk, I enjoy a little wind and a little rain.... after a summer of sunny sameness. Fall is my favorite time of year. We are working around the ranch, getting ready for winter; hard to believe it is right around the corner. All the summer toys are put away, flower beds mulched, fields cleaned up, and fences tightened.

So, I returned to my blog. I realized today that I am a foul weather blogger. It's not that there is a lack of things to write about in the summer, it is just that the outdoors holds me captive and it's difficult to sit inside and write when there is outdoor fun to be having.