Friday, January 10, 2014

Hip hip hooray!!!

After three years of pain and increasing limits to my mobility, I finally went to the Doctor and jumped through the Radiology and Medicare hoops that allowed me to have the muscles of my left thigh sliced and stretched open.  This provided access for the surgeon to saw off the top third of my femur, and replace the the bone and the socket with a fancy titanium and ceramic replica.

I was a little apprehensive  to say the least. I like all my parts and hate to have them removed. Especially, something as useful as a hip; although it wasn't of much use anymore. It all happened so quickly, it belied the seriousness of the procedure.  In on Friday for surgery, home on Sunday. Up and walking the morning after the surgery. Physical Therapy has been the worst part. Initially, it was here at home, now I continue weekly at the office in town. I have a daily regimen of exercises to build strength and stamina.

Life is good, now. No pain.  I had not realized how dark my world had become with the constant pain..... I was depressed, nearly suicidal, a virtual shut-in. It had crept up so slowly, I didn't realize how bad it was until it was gone.  I have gained compassion and empathy for folks experiencing chronic pain.  My heart goes out to them and their families.....everyone is affected.

I am looking forward to Spring when I can get out and walk up and down the hills, ride my horse and my bike, dance with my husband, climb bleachers at sporting events, and play in the dirt in my garden.  I missed all these things so much.  I am resisting the impulse to play bingo and the urge to become a member of the Senior Center. I think those are side effects of a total hip replacement, it must be something in the ceramic ball.  I will, however, gladly take my Senior Discount when ever available.