Friday, October 24, 2008


I feel Unamerican in saying this... but I am so darn tired of all the political ads and all the finger pointing that the various candidates employ to make their point. It is all so negative and seems very immature. The only bright spot in this whole thing is Saturday Night Live!!
I wonder if these TV ads make a difference in how someone actually votes. How do we sort through the "he said/she said" of the accusitory campaigns?
This all seems to bring out the worst in folks. In reading some of the blogs lately, there is so much bickering and name calling. Jim says, "Crazy Times".
I don't see myself as very politically astute; but I have wondered lately if I should run for some local office...... My experience of running a household, being a wife, a mom, managing our finances, raising successful children, and having a somewhat annoying ability to say what's on my mind.......generally being "Queen of the Hill" up here, all qualify me to hold office and have a say in governing something out there!! I think I could do this as well as anyone else I've listened to on the TV commercials. Jim thinks that the fact that I leave my dirty clothes on the floor negates my qualifications; I don't. A willing political intern can pick them up for me.

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