Thursday, August 6, 2009

Song for the Singer

He saddled up a good horse

His faithful companion

They rode across the prairie

Headed for the canyon.

He’d never come this way before.

This trail was not well traveled.

He left a broken heart behind

With a life that had unraveled.

The trail was steep and narrow

As it crossed the great divide.

There was no other way to go

To reach the other side.

The canyon walls grew high and dark,

They closed in like a prison.

This journey wasn’t in his plan,

It wasn’t his decision.

They rode on through a cold, dark night.

And he began to pray.

He asked for strength to make this ride

And for a brighter day.

All at once a still small voice

Seemed to fill the night.

He was suddenly surrounded

By God’s love and peace and light.

It said:

Keep looking up, Buckaroo

This trial is nearly over.

Ill lead you to clear water

And green pastures of clover.

Keep looking up, Buckaroo

You will never ride alone.

I will always be right by your side

And lead you safely home.




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