Sunday, February 22, 2015

Letters to a friend. Part two

#2 The Journey

It hasn't been all peaches and cream, there are no angelic choirs singing in the background.  Life is hard,  for everyone. I think it goes double for Christians because we have an enemy, " like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour."  They say that the more opposition you encounter,the more you are in the center of God's plan for your life. 
The fact that God had a plan for my life, and that by accepting Jesus as my lord and savior I filled that " God-shaped void", I  was ready for whatever and wherever He led.  I had visions of pith helmets and and jungle tribes or teaching Bible lessons in prisons or far away lands.    Ha, He laughed.  That would be in my own strength, He prefers His to mine, and I agree.  
We embarked on a short-term Mission trip to the Navajo Rez, Michael, four kids, and me. We were laborers; painting ,remodeling an old trailer into a radio broadcasting station, visiting prisoners at the Tribal jail, and helping in a daycare center.  A good experience, but not where we were supposed to be
Our true calling came to us as we travelled home, and saw our family being brought together through adoption.  Our hearts desire was to bring home the children that nobody else wanted..... This had to be God's doing, I had my tubes tied after two kids when I was twenty.  I didn't see myself as much of a parent, and knew that I was much to selfish to devote a lifetime of care,  not to mention the expense, to very needy children.   But, that's how He rolls! 
The lesson here is that I only needed to be a little willing and obedient, He would take care of the rest.....and He did.  I am a broken vessel, on my own I am not worthy, I stumble and fall and backslide and turn my back on Him all the time.  But  God views me through my redemption in Christ and calls me His child through adoption ( of which I have a better than average understanding!)  I hold onto the promises He has made to me, and to all who call on Him.  
Since we are " In the world", there  are the same trials that anyone faces... Sickness, death, turmoil, financial hardship, natural disasters, and on and on.  The only difference is that I have an anchor, I have God's words in scripture, and I hear a still, small voice ( if I really listen) that guides and comforts me, even in the worst hours.  Those are the times when I feel His presence more than ever, like the Footprints poem..... I have a deep abiding joy on the darkest days.  He carries me to higher ground.  
I hope this doesn't sound all holier-than-thou, because I'm not.....  I still yell at the kids when they bug me, fight with Jim, swear like a sailor, watch dirty movies, eat the wrong foods, and skip my vitamins.   I am in the palm of His hand, saved by Grace, and He knows my heart.  All any of us need is a tiny bit of faith, and the slightest move in His direction, and He comes to meet us more than halfway.  He's been waiting, like the father of the prodigal son, and will throw a big party, kill the fatted calf ( or the tofurky for vegans) ,h ire a band, sing and dance, and rejoice.   He will do the work, all you have to do is turn toward home, just as you are.  

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