Sunday, January 18, 2009


The newspaper articles and news reports about OxyContin, Meth, and related illegalities lately seem to have increased. There have been more and more pharmacy holdups, and they are getting more aggressive. There are big names in the news, locally and across the country, being arrested for posession or overdosing. Addiction. It is a National tragedy. Twentythree million Americans struggle with this disease, few are treated or are able to maintain a recovery. Noone is immune, it can happen to anyone.... rich or poor; male or female; young or old. Addiction knows no social or economic boundries. Many deny they have a problem, that is part of the disease.

Prevention is best. Education is vital. Still, genetics play a huge role in predisposing any of us to addiction. This stuff has become so popular everywhere; there is no longer a social stigma attached to using drugs/alcohol like there was a generation ago.

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