Monday, February 23, 2009

Back To Reality

Here I am at the office. Less than 24 hours ago, Jim and I were sitting on the beach in Puerto Vallerta sipping our morning coffee, eating fresh fruit, and basking in the morning breezes coming off of Banderas Bay. We fell into our own bed about one AM after flying all evening. We had spent eight days in Paradise, didn't want to leave, and have promised each other that we will do it again next February. What a wonderful vacation. We met great folks that will remain friends forever, and we will see them again..... in Mexico. Spring is just around the corner, it is do-able now. We have seen the sun and have hope that it will find us once again here in Idaho.

So.... it is back to reality. I am rested, flaunting a tan and a handful of photos to stir a bit of envy from my coworkers, (insert: evil chuckle), and we have some wonderful memories to hold us over until the next adventure.


MarmiteToasty said...

Wow, look at that giant pink flower in the pool, not much room for swimming with that in there :)

Im glad you had a super time, I wondered where ya had disappeared to...... ya jammy sods lol


Amanda said...

Dang I am jealous. I have weathered it our all winter without getting away and it is about to do me in. How i miss my sandles and capris!!