Friday, November 14, 2008

Matthew 10/26/80

Matthew's Birthday was a great success. He jumped in the truck and directed me down the road, turn by turn, to McDonald's for a Birthday Meal. He ran across the parking lot, ordered his burger and fries, and had a chocolate shake to celebrate.
I remember the day we talked to our adoption worker at Catholic Family Services, and told her that we were interested in starting another adoption. After a few questions to determine what we were interested in, she told us that she had a new Down syndrome baby that no one wanted. He was ours at that moment. A few weeks later, we were waiting in the Clinic at Children's Hospital in Seattle to meet our new baby and bring him home. He was so little and frail.... who woulda guessed he would grow up so soon and time would fly so fast. He's our family clown, loves baseball and Barney, goes for walks with Stacy, and likes to push the cart around the grocery store.
Down Syndrome kids. like Mac, are the best. They have such a joy, they love unconditionally, and in this household, help us to keep priorities in line.... nothing is more important than family, friends, and an occasional trip to McDonald's.

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MarmiteToasty said...

yep without family and friends what is left.... oh burger king LOL