Thursday, March 5, 2009


Manners matter. Opposable thumbs and the ability to be polite are two things that separate us from the "lesser" of God's creatures. I say lesser with quotes because sometimes I wonder. I see examples of disrespectful and rude behavior daily at work, in stores, and on the street.

We need the old Emily Post lessons, a return to decorum and dress codes.

We were raised by parents who stressed good manners; and the behaviors are part of our fabric. Yes, Ma'am; No, Sir, hold the door for the ladies...... Jim's manners are impeccable. He stands up when a woman comes into the room or when she gets up from the table (even it it's just me!), he makes it a point to dance with every gal at the party, opens car doors, helps with my coat, and has a firm handshake. He is ever the gentleman. I really like it.

My daughter wrote a thank you note yesterday for a birthday gift she received from Uncle Chuck. We get thank you notes from his son, Joe, for gifts at Christmas or Birthdays. I'm sure it's because of Mom's voice in our heads and hearts, the same one that chided my brother and me to write those letters or else!!

What has happened to the simple "Please, and Thank you, and Excuse me" phrases. The checker at Safeway always looks at the receipt for my name, and although it is usually mispronounced, he uses it and thanks me for shopping. It's part of the training, but it works. Good manners always work. A smile and good manners can take you where ever you would like to go.

I don't curl my pinkie when I have a cup of tea or wear white gloves like Mom did, but I hope I have inherited her kindness and graciousness, and I hope I have passed them on to my kids, too. Good manners never go out of style...... even if it sounds like "Yo, thanks, Dude!" .


Jana said...

Dear Jim and Jana you visit couldn't have been any better we so injoyed your company.
I hope the next visit you may be able to bring more of the family.
We love you both.

Steve and Kathleen

p.s. we will read your stories everyday what a wonderful way to start the day!

DrGooch said...

Excellent post. Every time I watch "Leave it to Beaver" I weep for my country. So sad to see the coarseness in today's culture.