Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Morning

I stood out on my in-law's deck, surrounded by a woodsy overgrowth, the world quiet and still as in an Ansel Adams print; sharp edges in black and grey since it wasn't quite light. A little chilly by coastal standards, not ours. A little damp and misty by our standards, not theirs. It is a mind-picture that will remain in the collection in my brain. Three woodpeckers traded staccato beats from three different directions....nature in stereo, a gift to me, as I sipped coffee, watching the morning bring life and color to the rain forest. The grey slowly became green, and I realised how much I have been needing to see some green. Winter has been too long at the ol' Brand X, and there is still snow on the ground..... but on this Sunday morning, I saw Spring emerge from darkness at the dawn, I felt hope, I felt renewed. It was like Church. A choir of birds sang for me, rays of sun broke through the mist and warmed my soul.
Before the others in the house began to stir, I had experienced something that is hard to explain. But it will stay with me, and continue to encourage and revive me until our Spring mornings can fill me with the same joy and wonder as this did today.

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MarmiteToasty said...

I love dragging my knackered self out of bed before everyone else, and wondering down the garden to let the chickens out, sometimes if I cant sleep its well early, and I can hear birds waking the just the odd car, I sit in the garden with me cuppa tea and wait for the world to wake up..... me maties think Im bonkers thou, but, like Im bovvered..