Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Rocky is the Best dog in the world. He's my dog, my pal, my protector. He was a Christmas present from Jim in 2001, a cute little pup in a basket all decorated with red ribbons. Our friend, Del, told me that Heelers and Aussies bond with one person, and the best way to achieve a good bond with my new buddy, would be to keep him with me for the first three or four months. So, Rocky went with me everywhere; to work, shopping, weekend trips to Seattle..... he was my constant companion. He was happy in his crate under my desk or next to me in the truck. As a result of the effort, he is MY dog. He loves the rest of the family, too, but his loyality is to me. He is at my side everywhere I go, sometimes under foot. He looks at me with love, and will crawl onto my lap if I let him, and he gives the equivolent of "dog hugs". He is eager to please, seems to anticipate what comes next; he herds the kids to bed or to the dinner table, loads horses into the trailer, runs the fence lines every morning to make sure we are safe. He is very hard working, and loves his job.
In dog years, he is approaching middle age. It doesn't show yet, he can still jump six feet in the air after a snowball or a spray of water from the hose, and he runs like the wind. We can age together for a while, and appreciate each new adventure. I dread the day that dawns without him at my side. I'll always have a dog or two, but Rocky has set a standard for love and loyalty that can't be matched by another. He really is the best dog in the world.

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