Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sunshine At Last

I have been outside all morning. What a wonderful, sunny day. It is my first day off in a bit, and I am so glad the sun is shining. I fed the horses, weeded some of the strawberries, cleaned up the little greenhouse to get ready for starting seeds, ran a couple of soaker hoses in the perennial flower beds by the house, planted some ivy starts I brought back from Seattle, moved some big flower pots around, and generally played around in dirt..... I am so anxious for Spring.

The farrier came and we trimmed all the horse and mule feet. I cleaned the Winter trash out of the tack room. I want to get out there and clean up the fields, fix the fence, play with my horses, ride down the road and up into the woods. There is still too much snow for that right now.

I push the season every Spring... I till the garden when it is too wet, I plant too early and lose to a frost. I think it is warmer than it is, and end up with frozen fingers and an earache. I lose track of time and forget to eat. It's been a long winter, but today it became a memory. The sun is shining, I am happy.

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MarmiteToasty said...

We have had the most beautiful of spring weather his past week, except last night it started to rain and the weather for the coming week it rain and cold and thunderstorms..... glad I didnt plant out :)

Your house is HUGE.... my tiny little abode would fit into your doodle house about 9 times lol